White Label Animation


White label animation (or reseller animation) is animation produced by our studio, but rebranded and marketed by you. Rather than reinventing the wheel and setting up your own production infrastructure, purchasing white label animation allows you to save time, reduce costs, and focus on your core competencies.


We handle production of your explainer videos and animated content, so you don’t have to

Quality & Experience

Producing animation for the most renowned explainer video studios, to multinational marketing agencies, has given our studio a plethora of experience. Our quality is unmatched, and that’s why our retention rate is nearly 100%.

Scaleable Production

Whether you’re just starting up and are shooting for 2-3 explainer videos a month, or whether you need 10 explainer videos per week. We’ve offer scalable production solutions to support your growth.

Dedicated project managers

Once you sign on with Animation Outsourced, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will take care of all your needs from sales to production, you’ll be in contact with them via email and phone.

Fast turnaround

We understand the urgency and importance of delivering your explainer videos ahead of schedule, and we set clear goals and timelines in order to deliver.


We’re everyone’s best kept secret. It’s our business model and we understand how important confidentiality is to you.

In House Production

We don’t re-outsource your animation. All your explainer videos are original and produced by our team in our studios in The Philippines.

We worked in a number of Animation Styles, from Whiteboard Explainer Videos to Full Cartoon Explainers

Pick a style that suits your client’s needs and we’ll take it from there.

  • Whiteboard  Video Whiteboard Video
  • Motion Graphic Video Motion Graphic Video
  • 2D Cartoon 2D Cartoon
  • Custom Animation Custom Animation




It’s not worth the risk of trying to outsource projects, if you can’t go back to back with the white label studio animating your explainer videos.

Animation Outsourced

  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Production in Multiple Languages
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Scalable Production
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Video Review Tools
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Fast Turnarounds
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Flexible Workflow

Other Studios

  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Production in Multiple Languages
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Scalable Production


  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Production in Multiple Languages

How It Works?

When it comes to white label animation for your explainer videos, we don’t offer a cookie cutter solution. Each client has different requirements in terms of volume and deliverables, and rather than expecting you to conform to our process, we create a process around your needs. Some clients give us a script and we deliver storyboards, voiceovers and animation, while others just use us for production. Let’s talk about you requirements, and we can suggest a workflow that works.





Digital Marketing Agencies


Art Department

Explainer Video Studios

Animation Producer

Art Department

Explainer Video Studios

Animation Producer


We Can Do It In All. Animation Done In Different Languages Including…









Frequently Asked Questions

How does White Label Animation work?

We produce a lot of animated content for digital agencies worldwide. In these white label arrangements, agencies sell the video on as their own and take ownership. So we do not promote, publish, or use any of those animated videos in our portfolio so that our partner agency takes full credit.

What’s your process?

Our white label processes vary from partner to partner. Though in a typical pipeline you would provide script and voiceover, and we would do everything from characters through animation.

How do we coordinate?

We work with what you’re comfortable with. Some white label partners use basecamp, Asana, or a proprietary platform, and many find email sufficient, we’ll find a flow that works best depending on your requirements. Along the way you will always have a single project manager that’s accountable.

What makes you different?

Our client list is full of white label partners who have had plenty of experience elsewhere. They cite many of the same frustrations, from inconsistent work, struggles with communication, and unreliability being the main concerns. At Animation Outsourced, you have a partner with an established animation studio, we speak English natively, and have a great track record working with the best agencies in the world.

You have your own studio?

Absolutely, we’ve got a great team too, and a fun environment. We can scale to meet your animation needs, and put up dedicated teams for you projects as we grow together. We take pride in our work, and believe our videos speak for themselves.

Who are some of your partnerships with?

Shh.. We will never tell. One of the aspects we pride ourselves on is our secrecy. You’d know a few of our partners to be sure, but we keep our relationships private, and we’ll keep your secret too.

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