Explainer Video Success Stories

The Results

They came to Animation Outsourced with a challenge, how do we come up with an informative and entertaining video, while highlighting our unique selling points, in a technical but crowded field?

As it is in most cases, it’s all about the people. We came up with a loose storyline of following how a new recruit’s career could be handled, from on boarding to retirement, and built the video around that.

Sprout ended up increasing sales exponentially and gaining ground against their competition, winning a number of awards, getting attention from accelerators, and becoming one of only 3% of Y Combinator applicants to get flown to San Francisco.

The Praise

“We got an awesome video!! A great sales tool and it gets compliments all the time.”

Patrick Gentry-CEO, Sprout

The Results

Asian Tigers is an established relocations network in Southeast Asia and has been providing logistics and relocation services for over 20 years.

They faced a simple dilemma. As an industry leader they are a known name in moving and storage in the region, but how do they explain complimentary but niche services, like records management, and relocation to their new and existing customers?

That’s where Animation Outsourced comes in. We first worked with their records storage division, coming up with a story and visual timeline, explaining what they do in a way that makes sense to anyone. This was targeting both possible customers and agents, and ended up being such a successful marketing tool that they sent it out with every email, and it became their staple introduction.

From that success, we went on to help explain their family relocation, and when that video came out, their inquiries in that particular service increased to such an extent that they plan to commission a new video for every locale.

The Praise

“Simply Amazing! I would recommend them to anyone looking for an explainer video! We are very happy with the results.”

Dwad Lane
VP of Relocation Services, Asian Tigers

The Results

A key goal for many startups and departments is to get buy in from key investors or stakeholders to back their ideas. What we find is that very often, innovators are so close to their products, and so passionate about their ideas, that it’s difficult to take a step back, and explain the full picture to someone new.

This is where Animation Outsourced comes in. We’ve dealt with everything from new insurance offerings, to revolutionary server configurations, but one of the most challenging projects we worked on was an adult sex toy.

When we were first approached by the AutoBlow 2 it was still conceptual, and we were posed with a challenge, how does someone approach the public to raise funding for a revolutionary product in the adult toys category, without it being crude. We came up with a video that strikes the balance of humor and engagement, while still highlighting key concepts and guess what? It worked! Raising 622% of its initial funding goal, and going on to sell millions of dollars of product. We’ve gone on to create videos with them for every succeeding product launch and iteration.

The Praise

“Wow! This is F****g Perfect!.”

Bryan Sloan –
Inventor, Autoblow