Full time creative staff working just for you, at 70% cost savings

Thinking about hiring creative staff or putting together a creative team? Our offshore staffing service allows you to have a full time employee dedicated 100% to your work and 100% managed by you. Whether you’re looking for a graphic designer, animator, video editor, web designer, or web developer, we find the best candidates to match your job description and hire the employee of your choice. We legally employ them, and you enjoy the benefits of a highly skilled and scalable remote.

Why Offshore
Staff Lease?

Mitigate your risk

No capital outlay

Increase profit margin

Scale Quickly

Immediate Access to Talent

Skills we provide

Graphic Design

Web Design

Web Development


Video Editing

Cad Design

Storyboard Artists



You provide us with the job description

We recruit and shortlist the best candidates

Your staff report to you

We manage office concerns and provide your staff with the hardware and software they need.

Why Choose Us?

1. Agency Culture

We maintain a high energy agency culture that’s similar to our clients’, not your average BPO

2. Studio Environment

Your staff is in a open office style studio environment that nurtures and encourages their creativity

3. Small Team Setup

We build you small and efficient teams where every artist plays a critical role and you’re on a first name basis with your team members

4. No Long Term Contracts

Our goal is to make this a scaleable solution for our clients. As your business changes, so do your production needs.

5. Transparent Salary & Billing

No insane markups here. We give you 100 % transparent billing for your team salary and our services. No hidden charges.

6. Not a Cubicle Farm

Every artist is celebrated for their creativity and uniqueness they bring to the team, this makes them happier and more productive team members, and not just another member of a 500 seat cubicle farm

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