Cartoon Series Animation

Whether you’re new to the animation industry, or an experienced producer looking for a production studio for your animated series, we’re here to help. With a multitalented studio in The Philippines, we have the manpower, talent, and creativity to bring your ideas to life.

The Lounge

The Lounge is an animated comedy show written and created by the Hudson Brothers. The show follows four best friends that work together at a middle school in Missouri. Animation Outsourced produced a pilot episode for The Lounge, and you can currently see the show on the Comedy Central website and snapchat.

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The Rizzos is an animated comedy, written by Joe Scarpinito and Steve Schirripa and directed and animated by Animation Outsourced. With a star studded voiceover cast, the show follows a New York italian family, owners of Rizzos pizza, a run down pizza joint, struggling to adjust to life in the 21st century, while holding on to their Italian roots.


Animation Outsourced has worked with WHRO to created animated videos used for education to promote health & wellness as well as career advancement. From WHRO, we receive scripts, style direction and music & voiceovers, and Animation Outsourced provides the character designs and animation.

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The Cannolis is an animated comedy produced by Oglivy Entertainment. The show revolves around an Italian family, a crazy cast consisting of a normal dad, irresponsible kids, a real housewife, and a crude pot-smoking grandmother.


Jaime is an educational Brazilian animated show aimed at teaching the ABC’s in a meaningful and fun way. Each episode follows Jaime, a magical animal, encouraging kids to sing along, and learn the ABC’s with him. Animation Outsourced was in charge of animation Jaime.