Our Work

At Animation Outsourced, we give you a range of animation styles to choose from.  Our skilled animation team can produce your video in virtually any style, from 2d motion graphics, to whiteboard animation, full cartoon animation, stop motion animation, animation over live footage, or a combination of styles. 

2D Character Animation

Our most popular style! Here we give you custom characters with basic interaction, coupled with 2d motion graphics.  Perfect for those that don’t want their animation too cartoony, but still want an animated video. 

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Full Cartoon Animation

The cream of the crop! Here you get fully animated characters with full range of motion, lip sync, fully animated backgrounds and assets.  You’ll be sure to impress your audience with this animation style. Perfect for high end explainer videos, cartoon episodes, and instructional videos.

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Motion Graphics

Don’t need characters? No problem! Here we give you custom animated assets.  Perfect for those that don’t need any characters, and want to explain using statistics, moving objects, or to give an animated walk-through of a mobile app or website.

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Whiteboard Style

We’re sure you’ve seen this style before.. Where there’s a hand drawing out your next big idea.  We can do this for you, and add animation and color to it too.  Whether you want to give a straight forward walkthrough of your idea using whiteboard animation, or you want to tell a story, we can do either, and this style will get the job done.

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Stick Figure Animation

Not looking for anything fancy? Need something quick and easy to explain a basic concept or product? Why not explain it with stick figures and vector graphics. Still as effective as motion graphic explainers, this style allows you to have characters for less. 

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Stop Motion Animation

Need something completely different? Why not try stop motion animation.  Using a DSLR camera, lighting, props, and software, we can animate just about anything, from Lego, to paper, clay-motion, and even food.  This style is great for education, viral videos, and for those that want to go out of the box.  

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Custom Animation

Sometimes you need a video that’s not done in 1 particular style.  You may need something that requires a combination of the above and some extra work.  And for this, we’ve got the perfect team of storyboard artists and animators to make you a custom video.  Whether you need it for fund raising, an animated music video, a special product, e-learning, or giving a big presentation.  We can put something magical together to impress your audience and your mom.

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