Animation Solutions for Cartoon Series, E-Learning Modules, and Digital Marketing Campaigns

From product explainer videos to animated training videos, e-learning modules, and cartoon series for entertainment, we offer a range of animation solutions catered to SME’s and Multinational companies alike. Whether its a one time project or reoccuring animation work, we offer a range of 2D animation styles and scalable project teams to get the job done.

E-Learning Animation

Whether your market is kids or adults, communication through animation in the digital era we live in is more effective than ever. Over the years, we’ve created multiple elearning animated modules for children’s education apps as well as animated corporate training modules used to disseminate information quickly, effectively, and lower HR costs.

  • Das Flieger Dance
  • MindTV Method with Ella
  • Breathe & Believe
  • Get Physical
  • Jaime
  • WHRO
  • e-healthpath
  • Fotovak

Explainer Videos & Digital Marketing Ads

From explainer video production to pre roll ads for social media, we work with companies and organizations worldwide to satisfy their campaign objectives through animation. Whether you’re looking for recurring animation or video editing work, or a one off explainer video, we can help!

  • Why Get An Explainer Video?
  • Jesus Coin
  • Cresco Labs
  • The Adventures of SMG Guy
  • Slimfast
  • iNcompetitor
  • Lane Archives
  • Freelancer

Cartoon Series Production

Whether you’re new to the animation industry, or an experienced producer looking for a production studio for your animated series, we’re here to help. With a multitalented studio in The Philippines, we have the manpower, talent, and creativity to bring your ideas to life.

  • Rizzos 2
  • Rizzos 1
  • The Adventures of SMG Guy
  • Cannolis
  • Lounge Pilot
  • Didge Ya Know
  • Jaime Bingo
  • The Olympians

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